My Current Struggles on Quarantine and How I'm Overcoming Them

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2020

Rather than complaining, let me share what my current struggles are on quarantine and how I’m overcoming them!

#1 Maintaining successful weeks

I would label a successful week as having at least 4/7 winning days. For me this means getting up early, setting my daily targets, getting my workout done, and accomplishing at least 80% of my daily targets—while still making time for my family.

Because of living in an enclosed environment with people (like many of us are), once everyone is awake—there’s usually a bit of pandemonium. The key to a successful day for me is getting out in front. Getting up before anyone else to be able to set my daily targets, do some meditation, and get a hard workout in.

This is crucial for me! Once I get this done, I’m ready to go for the day. If I miss this, I usually have to respond to others’ needs during the day, whether that business, family, or social media instead of charting the course.

#2 Slower income flows

As an entrepreneur, I have witnessed slower income flows with book sales. Luckily my online business is still doing well. Other income flows such as commercial or acting work are at a temporary halt.

Solutions? Work harder to promote my books, online business—and begin writing more scripts for short films on the acting side of things.

Basically, create work and promote hard! Provide solutions and value for my audiences to help them through these times.

Remember, during the good times—set aside money! Having a little extra and not being over-leveraged and be important.

#3 Making progress on my fitness

I don’t have to tell you all that I’m a gym rat. For me, the gym represents a place where I can remind myself of the value of hard work everyday and build my body and health.

With gym closures, I’ve focused on taking that same level of intensity and bringing it to my home workouts. I keep my workouts very simple. Circuits of pushups, pull-ups, handstand pushups, swimming, sprinting, sit-ups, some light dumbbell work.

I plan my workouts the morning of, depending on what body parts I want to target. I keep rest periods short and go hard. I’ve noticed a huge increase in my muscular endurance. I’m currently able to knock out 60+ pushups, 20+ pull-ups, and my situp numbers are increasing. I’m also enjoying getting back to sprinting.

Rather than being disappointed, pivot your intensity to bodyweight training! Your body will grow and develop in new ways. Now is a great time to train muscular endurance.

With our April 21 Day Carnivore Shred Challenge approaching, now is the perfect time to focus on dropping body fat! We will be customizing diet plans and at home workouts plans to keep everyone motivated and achieving fitness targets!

Remember…the human being thrives on targets and hope for the future. Create some exciting goals for yourself and watch how your mind, body, and motivation wake up!

Sign up for the April Carnivore Shred Challenge now! Reserve your spot—challenge begins April 6th!


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