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Uncategorized Jul 22, 2020

The past week has been…full! That seems to be the best way to describe it. Without further ado, let’s get into it!    

What’s keeping me centered?   Meditation. I’m very grateful for my morning habit of meditating for 10 minutes. It’s not much, but having those 10 minutes to clear my mind is invaluable for me and really helps declutter my mind for the day. It’s a lot like emptying the trash—starting fresh.  

What am I excited about?   This past week, I released my first solo single “Buena Cosa”. It’s half Spanish, half English, full of reggaeton beats and melodies. I’ve always loved Spanish summer anthems like “Bailando” and “Despacito”—so this is in a similar vein.   This is the first song that I’ve really created from start to finish, in terms of writing the lyrics, helping with production, creating the melodies, commissioning the artwork, and distribution—I’m excited it’s finally out there.  

Here it is!



What’s an amazing insight?  

“In time I realized that the satisfaction of success doesn’t come from achieving your goals, but from struggling well.”  - Ray Dalio, Principles.   For further proof, think of the child star, the lottery winner the professional athlete who peaks early. They’re happy for a time, but not for long. We all need new goals, always.


What’s next for me?  

This past week, I finally began production on Episode 1 of “Rise of the Ninja”, a Power Rangers themed web series created by Crimson Vision Studios. We were originally slated to begin filming in March, but shut down for a while due to the pandemic situation. So I’m glad that we’re finally back!   


How am I training currently?

I’ve been following a very bodybuilder style, hypertrophy focused training program for the past two weeks. The main goal is to stay cut while placing a heavy demand on my body to build muscle. I’m supporting this with 3 meals a day of white rice+beef, and 2 meals a day of whey protein, eggs, and Greek yogurt. Also throwing in occasional fruit and leafy greens in there.  


What’s a lesson I learned this week? 

Analyze and assess. Take the time to revisit your failures and discover what new nuggets of knowledge you can glean from them. I usually do this through journaling.   One last thing—our next 21 Day Carnivore Shred Challenge begins on Monday, August 3rd! You can sign up today.


That’s all for this week everyone—see you next week!  




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