The Importance of Having Daily Routines

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2020

Whether you call them habits, rituals, or routines--these are so important! Why? Because they are the foundation upon which the rest of your life is built. A good life is built on a string of successful days. Days are successful when you are able to be productive in the areas that matter most to you--work, health, family, faith, education, etc.

How do we create productive days? The best starting point is to have a morning routine. When you wake up in the morning, don't think. Have a routine that you automatically do--it's not even a question.

The crucial components of this routine for me are: coffee, read/learn, write down goals (yearly or mini-goals), gratitude or meditation, exercise, then shower and breakfast. This usually takes me from 5-7:30am. But by 7:30, I have already accomplished a lot and I feel organized, calm, stable, excited for the day ahead and energized.

Imagine the opposite. You roll of out of bed late. You scramble into the shower. Your room is a mess. You take a quick shower and throw on whatever you can find. Damn, forgot to do the laundry. Then you go downstairs--the kitchen is too messy to make coffee. So you grab your things and rush off to Starbucks for a $5 latte and maybe a bite to eat.

This is chaos. Your mind keeps reminding you "you should exercise." "You should clean the house". "You should start working towards that promotion".

But you never have enough mental space to do that because you're too stressed, so you binge Netflix at night and sleep late.

This can be fixed! We want order, organization, and routine in our daily schedules. This doesn't mean doing the same thing every day, but having scheduled blocks of time with similar themes. Maybe family time, morning time, work time, dinner time, etc.

Within these "themes", you can decide what you need to do and react to situations. What's the work today? What can I do family wise today? What should I exercise today?

Then just put these on repeat in your calendar. At the beginning of the week, review this weekly schedule and adjust as necessary.

Simply having a weekly schedule and a consistent daily format will alleviate so much unnecessary stress and uncertainty in your life.

Give it a shot! It's like freeing up space on a hard drive and seeing how much faster your computer runs after. You're freeing up space on your mental hard drive--and as a result you'll be able to think much more clearly!


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