6 Keys to a Successful Morning Routine

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2020

So many people in the world feel lost, in a rut, or like they’re not living up to their potential. This cascades into so many consequences in other areas of their life.   If there ever was a “secret to success” or a “life hack” that has the power to completely transform your life—this is it.  


  1. Wake up early—no snooze!

This one is just a given. I don’t even need to mention the scores of successful, accomplished people who do this. By getting up early, you get to create order in your day and essentially captain the day, rather than waking up behind the clock on everything.   We all have different schedules, but 5 or 6am seems to do the trick for most people.   Also, avoid snoozing. Waking up the second time isn’t going to be any easier and you’re also subconsciously going to feel slightly defeated. So when the alarm goes off—just get going!    


  1. Make the bed

Again, this has to do with feeling accomplished, creating order and organization in your life, and building self-respect.   In the morning, our goal is to habitualize little wins. We want to accomplish as much as possible without thinking. The more you can rack up each day, the more you will get done.    


  1. Learn something new

I would recommend reading! Sitting down and reading 5-10 pages of an actual book gives you time to take notes and really absorb what you’re learning.   Of course, podcasts, audiobooks, and articles are always options as well.    


  1. Revisit your schedule/goals

Take a look at your short term goals and what you’re working on for the week. Then take a look at your schedule for the day and make sure that you’ve budgeted your time appropriately to handle your work, exercise, family time, eat, get enough sleep, etc.   Budgeting your time is just like budgeting your money—if you don’t pay attention to it, it will get away from you!    


  1. Exercise

Exercise is one of those things that can be tough to get started on. One of the best ways to make exercise easier is to add it to your morning routine. This way, it becomes a part of those things that you don’t have to think about!   You have zero stress about it because you know that as soon as you wake up, you’ll be doing your daily routine that involves exercise!  


Bonus: Gratitude or Meditate  

Just because this says “bonus” doesn’t mean “forget about it”! Meditation and gratitude have both been scientifically shown to have a dramatic impact on your mental health, sense of well being, happiness, focus, and so much more.  

All this takes is 5 minutes to write down everything you’re grateful for and 10 minutes to listen to a meditation audio. Easy!  

If you’re up at 5 or 6am, by the time 9 or 10am rolls around and it’s time to start your work for the day—you’ve already accomplished so much! You have created order in your life, you’re on track with your goals, you’ve learned something new, exercised, and taken care of your mind. This will boost your self-esteem, excitement, confidence, and dramatically reduce your stress levels.  

Give it a shot!  



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